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Researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital suspect DHEA – one of the hormones released when you make love – increases collagen production, reducing wrinkles.

People in their 40s who had sex three times a week or more were judged to look seven to 13 years younger than their actual age.

The answer: Have sex more frequently, and stay looking younger.

Happy love-making.


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This spoils the main event – can be very depressing – and affects 25% of men in the UK.

New research by a medical team in Istanbul, and published in the journal Andrologia, revealed that all those men who climaxed too quickly had one thing in common: they all had significantly lower levels of vitamin B12 than those guys who could last longer.

Scientists stressed more research is needed but one theory is that B12 bolsters levels of neurotransmitters thought to play a key role in controlling ejaculation.

How can you boost your levels? Off-the-shelf yeast extract called ‘Marmite’ is one of the richest sources of this vitamin. A daily dollop is worth a try – keep it up – if you’ll pardon the expression. Love it or hate it, spread on toast will give you a good start to the day. Every day to maintain that essential level.

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Sex does improve with age – especially for women.

Researchers attending the annual conference of the North American Menopause Society held in Orlando, Florida, interviewed 39 women attending, with some enjoying sex more than ever, despite having it less often.

These women told the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh they were more confident than when they were younger. They were better at communicating their needs to their partner and willing to broach delicate subjects, such as the use of Viagra. Some had adapted their lovemaking to compensate for age and changes to their bodies caused by the menopause.

They tended to spend more time on fore-play, try new positions, and put more emphasis on intimacy than passion.

Lead author Holly Thomas said: ‘One of the most enlightening findings of this study was the large number of women who had successfully adapted to any negative changes by modifying their expectations regarding sexual activity, putting more emphasis on the emotional and intimacy aspects of sex, or adapting the sex acts themselves.’

Denise Knowles, a sex therapist with the marriage guidance charity Relate, said: ‘Maybe we are more confident and have more of a what-the-heck attitude.’

Dr Pam Spurr, a relationship expert and agony aunt, said: ‘There is a lot of good news in this study. With age, women gain more wisdom about their sexual responsiveness and pleasure. Such self-knowledge helps rekindle the spark that might have been lost.’

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Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters
This is a really great book on love and sex. It is well written and covers every aspect of making love with knowledge, understanding, sensitivity and some nice humour as well. It can help loving couples to be really open with each other about what they enjoy sexually and how to be good lovers and give each other pleasure, which is the secret of good love making.
Zelda West-Meads, columnist for ‘You’ in the Mail on Sunday, relationship counsellor and sex therapist.

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Thirty two year old TV personality, Amber Rose, declared on her show (26 Aug): “I feel like I have to masturbate in front of a guy to show him exactly how it’s done,” she explained, sympathizing with an audience member who spoke about her troubles achieving orgasm with her boyfriend.

You’ll find exactly what you need to know, and learn in the privacy of your own home, in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters. Clive’s own doctor made the comment, “Great book on a complicated Subject. I would recommend it to my patients. The best advice on finding the G spot I have read, should be part of the national curriculum.”

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My last book was to target young adults, to help them on their way through the jungle of sexual relationships. It was also meant as an aid to parents in communicating the differences between love and lust to their offspring.

What I forgot was that every youngster already knows everything they need to know about sex (or so they think) – so they’ll never buy the book. But here’s the crunch: parents who bought the book, as a self-help guide for their kids, began to realize this was not for the kids but for adults – and by that I don’t mean 18+, I mean for the 40+!!

Here’s what a thoughtful lady wrote to me: “Women know very little about men and frequently don’t know all that much about their own bodies either. Like most people, by age 25 I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. What a shock to learn 20 years later I knew hardly anything!”

If you’re like my correspondent, open your mind and explore the probability that you could be enjoying the best sex ever. No need to be shy, embrace the opportunity. Exploring sex, love and lust will show you the way.

Happy love-making.