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The Love Muscle   3 comments

A strong PC (pubococcygeal) muscle – has been referred to as the ‘love muscle’, is slung, hammock style, between your legs from front to back – helps to make and keep erections, and a fit PC muscle gives you stronger ejaculations.  Kegels (the flexing of this muscle to squeeze the urinary tract) aren’t just for the men to practise: tell your partner about them and she’ll soon realise the benefits of a fit PC muscle, too.  In females the vagina passes through this muscle as well, so you will appreciate the fitter her PC muscle is the firmer she can make the opening – and the grip around your penis.  Something you can both benefit from straight away.

The PC muscle is quite large; sit upright on a wooden seat or any firm surface, wearing only something thin, and flex your PC.  You will feel just how large a muscle this is between your legs.  As we progress through the PE exercises there will be further mention of Kegels but the best way is to get into the habit of exercising your PC every day.  Squeeze that PC every time you sit down for a meal, or every time you think of your partner, or every time the phone rings; make up your own list of reminders.

[Extract from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood’ by Clive Peters]


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Penis Enlargement (PE) involves techniques of tissue stretching and expanding, and other exercise routines involving the penis and/or other body parts, with and without the use of mechanical devices, and all involve some, sometimes significant, risk.

Despite this being a ‘taboo’ subject, there are tens of thousands of males who don’t/won’t talk about it but would like to know how/if they could enlarge their favourite member in secrecy and without risk.  This is fact; my book continues to sell every day which, surely, confirms this.

If you fall into this category, this blog is for you.  Don’t try PE without guidance or at least a place you can visit online (using a pseudonym).  If you do go it alone you risk either failure in your attempts (with the frustration that goes with failure) or, worse still, damage to your penis and an embarrassing visit to A&E – if you know a nurse or doctor who works in A&E, ask them about this and they will confirm this is also true.

If you’d like help in decision making (about your penis, that is), or the address of a (free) forum that I know to be reliable, or a dozen good reasons for spending just a few pounds on getting the best grounding in this subject by owning my book, email me direct: and I’ll give you my best attention.  If you already have the book and would like to ask a question – fire away!

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How do PE exercises make your penis grow?   7 comments

When you exercise your body you stretch tissues and ligaments, and blood circulation increases.  Circulation is the key to a successful workout; blood removes carbon dioxide from the exercised tissues and expels it through the lungs.  The lungs take in fresh oxygen which the blood transports back to the worked areas.  Not only oxygen but also the nutrients needed for the production of new cells.  This, albeit very basic, is how bodybuilders achieve their results.

If penile enlargement is so different from body building, how can it be achieved even though it is not a muscle?  As the penis doesn’t have muscles to work out you have to provide that missing link – with your hands!  But doesn’t having an erection provide that stretch?  No.  Not even by masturbation?  No, again.  Think about it: if your penis stretched some more every time you had an erection, how long do you think it would be today?!

Body tissue stretched just a little bit more than its natural elasticity will create avulsions.  An avulsion is a microscopic tear.  At cellular level, it means the body will call up the necessary building blocks to create new cells at that point.  As I said before, these building blocks are delivered by the blood.  Continue the exercises on a regular basis and the new cells create not only flesh but blood vessels and all the other tissues essential for a working torso.  So far it is no different to the bodybuilder.

Now you can understand why, through stretching, new cells are grown and that this makes it possible to target a specific area and expect to see it grow….. (you must) reach an understanding of what you are about to do.

[Extract, pages 6/7, from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood’

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Your hands, and hands alone, using the techniques described so far, are all you need for penile enlargement (PE).  But, human nature being what it is, and especially after a protracted period of working out using hands only, coupled with stories read and heard of dramatic gains in length and girth made by others using weights and other mechanical aids, you will want to know the pros and cons of using weights, vacuum tubes, and various other pieces of hardware.

If I seem reticent about making recommendations in the use of mechanical aids it is partly because, in my opinion, you don’t need to use them and partly because (in recognising that you might try them no matter what I say) you should understand the potential dangers of misusing them………

[Extract taken from page 67 of How to Maximize Your Manhood]

Love and sex   Leave a comment

What does it matter what size penis you have. When you’re in love the physical side of things take second place – but not forever. Comes a time when you become concerned about truly satisfying your loved one’s innermost, and unspoken of, desires. Be confident, and ensure the size of your penis is the least of your concerns. No need to spend your money on gadgets or pills, for around a tenner you can not only read about all those alternative products but also learn, step-by-step, how to increase penis size and performance using only your hands.
Don’t take my word for it – read the reviews on and, as well as ‘8X6: The Clive Peters Story’ on

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This is simply taking the exercise of PC flexing (Kegels) a stage further. You should, by now, have got into the habit of flexing your PC not only while doing your warm-downs but also at various times during the day. A minimum of 250 a day is good to keep the PC muscle fit. Making it stronger will give you stronger erections and stronger ejaculations.
[Extract, page 37, from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood’]

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Men often ask: “Don’t penis enlargement exercises increase the possibility of erectile dysfunction (ED)?”  The answer is: “No.”  However, there are a few other causes of ED which you should be aware of.  Cycling can be one of them, largely to do with the seat.  If it causes numbness in the perineal area, or penis, the seat needs to be adjusted; if it can’t be adjusted, get a new one.

Another cause of ED can be for men who are taking NSAIDs.  These are drugs used for pain or arthritis and include aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and all of the non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs commonly prescribed for arthritis.  Google ‘Erectile Dysfunction and NSAIDS’ and you can read several references to the problem.

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