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Penis Enlargement (PE) involves techniques of tissue stretching and expanding, and other exercise routines involving the penis and/or other body parts, with and without the use of mechanical devices, and all involve some, sometimes significant, risk.

Despite this being a ‘taboo’ subject, there are tens of thousands of males who don’t/won’t talk about it but would like to know how/if they could enlarge their favourite member in secrecy and without risk.  This is fact; my book continues to sell every day which, surely, confirms this.

If you fall into this category, this blog is for you.  Don’t try PE without guidance or at least a place you can visit online (using a pseudonym).  If you do go it alone you risk either failure in your attempts (with the frustration that goes with failure) or, worse still, damage to your penis and an embarrassing visit to A&E – if you know a nurse or doctor who works in A&E, ask them about this and they will confirm this is also true.

If you’d like help in decision making (about your penis, that is), or the address of a (free) forum that I know to be reliable, or a dozen good reasons for spending just a few pounds on getting the best grounding in this subject by owning my book, email me direct: clive@maximizeyourmanhood.com and I’ll give you my best attention.  If you already have the book and would like to ask a question – fire away!

Posted August 24, 2010 by authorclive in Blog, penis enlargement

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