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When to Measure   2 comments

It’s quite natural to measure as soon as you think you can detect growth.  You will probably have measured several times since you started.  Nothing wrong with that, except you risk disappointment if you measure too frequently.  Once a fortnight is the shortest period I would suggest, but once a month is better.  You can expect to see measurable changes after a month but, although there will be changes going on, some changes aren’t easily measured.

Let me explain: new cellular growth can usually be detected by a feeling of increased ‘heaviness’ or ‘density’ of the penis – a sure sign that growth is happening – but not always measurable with a tape.  At the end of each 4 week period take measurements and note them, with the date, in your record book – or make an entry in the space provided at the end of this book.  Don’t expect miracles after the first couple of weeks – but you should be able to measure a definite change after the first 4 weeks, and this growth will encourage you to continue.  Talking of growth, at cellular level we may be piling on the new cells but did you know that, on average, a human cell is about 20 microns wide – that is about two-hundreths of a millimetre.  Scientists make such observations through a microscope – and we’re using a tape measure!  Worth bearing that difference in mind.  Growth will continue as long as you stay dedicated.

[Extract from How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every red-blooded male needs to know]


A Conundrum   Leave a comment

You have a problem you want to resolve.  You discover there are several books on the subject so you find out which is the best.  Your list boils down to just two authors.  One book is priced around ten bucks and the other nearly 4 times as much.  Which do you go for – the more expensive because the price suggests you’ll get more for your money, or the cheaper because you’ll save money and trust that it will provide the same result?

When setting the price level for How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know the first thing I wanted to do was pitch the book price for the widest possible market.  With the best advice at the best possible price.

But here’s the conundrum: if you pay a lot of money for advice you get straight down to it and see it through: after all it’s an investment and you want to see the results it can bring.  If you pay relatively little for the same advice there’s not the same pressure to get going.  It’s all in the mind: the true value is disguised by the monetary cost.  If it’s only a nickel you won’t be bothered if you don’t get around to it.  If it cost you $100 you will most certainly will.

Sales of my book have been steadily growing for 2 years now but I do wonder how many bought it with good intentions but never got around to properly studying it and putting the advice and routines into practise.  So I’m achieving my aim of reaching the masses but if I had priced it higher would I have got more of you working at it?

The irony is that when you read Amazon notes that ‘people bought this book also bought …’  Are we just a world of book buyers/collectors – all reading, no action?  Not true of everyone, I know, but are you one of those who have yet to get down to it?

This Taboo Subject (Part 2)   Leave a comment

Analytical software programmes allow me to measure the amount of interest (don’t panic – not individuals) shown in my web pages and blogs and it comes as no surprise, dear reader, you are amongst a great many who are curious about aspects of penis enlargement and natural enlargement exercises.  But the reader who makes it known that he/she has even read such blogs is rare.  (There are exceptions of course, and I’m proud to say that there are even a couple of comments on Amazon by readers who have purchased my book that have been posted by men using their real names – draw your own conclusions about that).  So it comes as no surprise to see that comments to my blogs, or even ‘like’, hits do not abound.  My analytics show differently.

But give a man the opportunity to communicate his interest through using a false identity and you will discover him sharing thoughts and experiences with other like-minded men as though there’s no tomorrow!  The first such place I came across in 1999 was a forum claiming 250,000 registered members, and still going strong.  My preferred forum nowadays has 25,000 members and there are frequently thousands, exchanging views and comments, online at any one time.

If, incidentally, you’d like to contact me by email [clive@maximizeyour] about this subject, with complete confidentiality, please feel free to do so whether using your real name or pseudonym.

This is a serious subject; many men will find an excuse to show an interest – even under the protection of anonymity – using erectile dysfunction, for example.  But it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that he should not be alone, and at risk of hurting himself, and that there are people out there who, firstly, recognise that it is quite natural, and normal, for a healthy male to be uncertain about his own size and, secondly, there is not only a way to change (for the better) but also advice and guidance about the methods to become a male confident about his sexuality.  And you don’t need to spend a fortune!

My Best Wishes to you all.  Clive.

This Taboo Subject (Part 1)   Leave a comment

Fact:  Women are more prepared to talk about the size and shape of their breasts and will not disguise their interest – hence open articles and adverts on the subject, ranging from diet to exercise, to clothing and surgical enhancement.

Fact:  Men are not prepared to talk about what they consider to be their most private and personal body part – even with their sexual partner.  Despite this articles do sometimes appear on the subject of penises, which might indicate the presence of an audience prepared to listen.  But is this audience primarily male or female?

When asked by his peers, macho man will answer: “There’s nothing wrong with the kit down below. Everything’s in perfect working order!”  There’s no way a male wants others to think he’s anything but virile and enjoying a strong sexual life – even if he isn’t.  Doctors will tell you that it is difficult at times to get males to disclose symptoms, making it difficult for an accurate diagnosis.  On the other hand, urologists will tell you that the most frequently asked question is: “How can I increase the size of my penis?”  Now there’s a clue! Given the opportunity, and in guaranteed privacy, and to a man one would think can provide the answer, men will be honest to themselves as well as sharing their deepest, most private, thoughts with a third person.  The urologist, incidentally, will only offer surgery, something I do not advocate, not while a natural alternative is available at any rate.

Blogging and posting comments is something we all do (unless you’re just browsing) and we do it under our own registered name.  This generates an openness that most men would shrink from when commenting on a blog about penis enlargement.  Not many are brave enough (if brave is what it takes) for the world to know that this subject might interest them!

How to Begin   Leave a comment

One thing is certain: we are all different.  You should recognise that PE is not a precise science.  It is more like an evolving art form.  ‘Different strokes for different folks’ certainly applies.  Some men achieves gains swiftly, many take longer.  Some find length easier to achieve, others girth.  What you will find in the following pages are routines that are drawn from as many different men as could be found; in there is a routine for you but, to start with, the basic routines are for every man.

Do not skip the basics.  Going straight into an advanced routine is asking for trouble – don’t do it.  Your penis will not be ready for it.  Like training for anything, preparation is everything.  Seeking medical help as a result of ignoring this advice is embarrassing at best and painful at worst.

Read and re-read the exercises.  Don’t be in a rush – those in a hurry do not make gains.  Be dedicated.  Devote a specific time and place for your regular workouts.  stick to the routines; the most frequent cause of failure to make gains is through constantly changing routines, or erratic periods of PE and rest.  Keep practising – there is a learning curve but the results are rewarding if you persevere.  Initial results can be expected inside the first month.  From then on it’s up to you – there are men out there who are devoting years to PE.  The results are permanent – you do not have to be doing this for the rest of your life.  It is an individual thing.

[Extract from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood’]

Rest Periods   Leave a comment

Is it really necessary to rest?  Aren’t I losing valuable growth-inducing exercise time?  The answer is a definite ‘yes’ to rest and an equally definite ‘no’ to losing time.  You can experiment with rest times.  Some find they can continue their workouts 7 days a week, 30 days a month, with no breaks at all.  However, I don’t think this is to be recommended.  A physiotherapist will tell you that tissues and ligaments need as much rest time as they do exercise.  When you stop to think about it, it’s quite logical.  Top athletes don’t go straight into their Olympic best times and distances; they build up to it over time, and gradually – with rest periods in between.  As with all your routines, plan your rest periods.  They should form part of your measured overall PE programme.  Don’t forget to keep notes.

Resting time is when growth occurs; new cells taking up those spaces created by the stretching – in all directions.  One or two days a week; weekends make good rest periods but it really doesn’t matter when you take them – just as long as you do take them, and at the same regular times.

[Extract from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood – what every red-blooded male needs to know.’]

The Jelq   Leave a comment

Jelqing describes the milking action that is the basis of all PE.  You’re unlikely to find the word in the dictionary but it is thought to have Arabic origins, as mentioned in the Introduction, hence the spelling without the Western European language ‘u’ following the ‘q’.  It is the basic essential exercise for all penile enlargement exercises.

Warm up, as described earlier, then sit comfortably but upright with your knees apart and make yourself semi-erect.  Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first to avoid a full erection.  Your penis will get used to the exercises and you will develop greater control.  If it does go straight to a full erection, simply leave it alone and wait a minute.  It will go down!  However, if you really are having difficulty every time you touch it, go on to ejaculation, rest for 30 minutes or more and exercise after that.  Learning to control is better though.  An iron-hard erection is nothing like as malleable as a semi-erection.  Semi-flexible might be a better description, allowing you to move the blood around inside your penis.  Exercising with a fully erect penis is most likely to produce bruising – not what you’re after.  If a full erection is described as 100% and completely flaccid as 0%, the ideal state would be around 80%.  But don’t dwell on this aspect too much; you will soon discover the ideal state of erection.

[Extract taken from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every red-blooded male needs to know’]

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