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If you’re like me you’ll have more than one odd sock in your sock drawer.  Nobody likes to throw away a perfectly useable sock, but what can you do with them?  Here’s a good use: warming up before penis exercising, and warming down after, is an essential part of taking care.  There are all kinds of warming devices you can buy that are designed to warm up your genitals but why spend money unnecessarily when you have a drawer full of freebies!

Drop an odd sock into a hand basin of hot water.  In no time at all it will become a warm wrap – use common sense here, we don’t want it so hot that it burns.  Wring out the surplus water and simply wrap the sock around your penis.  When it cools, drop the sock back into the water.  If you have two odd socks, all the better: the second sock can be heating up in the water ready to replace the first when it cools.

Never skip the warm up.  When starting out warm up for ten minutes; when you’re 3 months into your routines you’ll be comfortable with a few minutes less, say 6 or 7, but never exercise without a warm up and, equally important, warm down at the end of your exercise session.  The first and best way to avoid tissue damage.


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