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Jelqing describes the milking action that is the basis of all PE.  You’re unlikely to find the word in the dictionary but it is thought to have Arabic origins, as mentioned in the Introduction, hence the spelling without the Western European language ‘u’ following the ‘q’.  It is the basic essential exercise for all penile enlargement exercises.

Warm up, as described earlier, then sit comfortably but upright with your knees apart and make yourself semi-erect.  Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first to avoid a full erection.  Your penis will get used to the exercises and you will develop greater control.  If it does go straight to a full erection, simply leave it alone and wait a minute.  It will go down!  However, if you really are having difficulty every time you touch it, go on to ejaculation, rest for 30 minutes or more and exercise after that.  Learning to control is better though.  An iron-hard erection is nothing like as malleable as a semi-erection.  Semi-flexible might be a better description, allowing you to move the blood around inside your penis.  Exercising with a fully erect penis is most likely to produce bruising – not what you’re after.  If a full erection is described as 100% and completely flaccid as 0%, the ideal state would be around 80%.  But don’t dwell on this aspect too much; you will soon discover the ideal state of erection.

[Extract taken from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every red-blooded male needs to know’]

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