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One thing is certain: we are all different.  You should recognise that PE is not a precise science.  It is more like an evolving art form.  ‘Different strokes for different folks’ certainly applies.  Some men achieves gains swiftly, many take longer.  Some find length easier to achieve, others girth.  What you will find in the following pages are routines that are drawn from as many different men as could be found; in there is a routine for you but, to start with, the basic routines are for every man.

Do not skip the basics.  Going straight into an advanced routine is asking for trouble – don’t do it.  Your penis will not be ready for it.  Like training for anything, preparation is everything.  Seeking medical help as a result of ignoring this advice is embarrassing at best and painful at worst.

Read and re-read the exercises.  Don’t be in a rush – those in a hurry do not make gains.  Be dedicated.  Devote a specific time and place for your regular workouts.  stick to the routines; the most frequent cause of failure to make gains is through constantly changing routines, or erratic periods of PE and rest.  Keep practising – there is a learning curve but the results are rewarding if you persevere.  Initial results can be expected inside the first month.  From then on it’s up to you – there are men out there who are devoting years to PE.  The results are permanent – you do not have to be doing this for the rest of your life.  It is an individual thing.

[Extract from ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood’]

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