This Taboo Subject (Part 1)   Leave a comment

Fact:  Women are more prepared to talk about the size and shape of their breasts and will not disguise their interest – hence open articles and adverts on the subject, ranging from diet to exercise, to clothing and surgical enhancement.

Fact:  Men are not prepared to talk about what they consider to be their most private and personal body part – even with their sexual partner.  Despite this articles do sometimes appear on the subject of penises, which might indicate the presence of an audience prepared to listen.  But is this audience primarily male or female?

When asked by his peers, macho man will answer: “There’s nothing wrong with the kit down below. Everything’s in perfect working order!”  There’s no way a male wants others to think he’s anything but virile and enjoying a strong sexual life – even if he isn’t.  Doctors will tell you that it is difficult at times to get males to disclose symptoms, making it difficult for an accurate diagnosis.  On the other hand, urologists will tell you that the most frequently asked question is: “How can I increase the size of my penis?”  Now there’s a clue! Given the opportunity, and in guaranteed privacy, and to a man one would think can provide the answer, men will be honest to themselves as well as sharing their deepest, most private, thoughts with a third person.  The urologist, incidentally, will only offer surgery, something I do not advocate, not while a natural alternative is available at any rate.

Blogging and posting comments is something we all do (unless you’re just browsing) and we do it under our own registered name.  This generates an openness that most men would shrink from when commenting on a blog about penis enlargement.  Not many are brave enough (if brave is what it takes) for the world to know that this subject might interest them!


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