This Taboo Subject (Part 2)   Leave a comment

Analytical software programmes allow me to measure the amount of interest (don’t panic – not individuals) shown in my web pages and blogs and it comes as no surprise, dear reader, you are amongst a great many who are curious about aspects of penis enlargement and natural enlargement exercises.  But the reader who makes it known that he/she has even read such blogs is rare.  (There are exceptions of course, and I’m proud to say that there are even a couple of comments on Amazon by readers who have purchased my book that have been posted by men using their real names – draw your own conclusions about that).  So it comes as no surprise to see that comments to my blogs, or even ‘like’, hits do not abound.  My analytics show differently.

But give a man the opportunity to communicate his interest through using a false identity and you will discover him sharing thoughts and experiences with other like-minded men as though there’s no tomorrow!  The first such place I came across in 1999 was a forum claiming 250,000 registered members, and still going strong.  My preferred forum nowadays has 25,000 members and there are frequently thousands, exchanging views and comments, online at any one time.

If, incidentally, you’d like to contact me by email [clive@maximizeyour] about this subject, with complete confidentiality, please feel free to do so whether using your real name or pseudonym.

This is a serious subject; many men will find an excuse to show an interest – even under the protection of anonymity – using erectile dysfunction, for example.  But it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that he should not be alone, and at risk of hurting himself, and that there are people out there who, firstly, recognise that it is quite natural, and normal, for a healthy male to be uncertain about his own size and, secondly, there is not only a way to change (for the better) but also advice and guidance about the methods to become a male confident about his sexuality.  And you don’t need to spend a fortune!

My Best Wishes to you all.  Clive.

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