A Conundrum   Leave a comment

You have a problem you want to resolve.  You discover there are several books on the subject so you find out which is the best.  Your list boils down to just two authors.  One book is priced around ten bucks and the other nearly 4 times as much.  Which do you go for – the more expensive because the price suggests you’ll get more for your money, or the cheaper because you’ll save money and trust that it will provide the same result?

When setting the price level for How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know the first thing I wanted to do was pitch the book price for the widest possible market.  With the best advice at the best possible price.

But here’s the conundrum: if you pay a lot of money for advice you get straight down to it and see it through: after all it’s an investment and you want to see the results it can bring.  If you pay relatively little for the same advice there’s not the same pressure to get going.  It’s all in the mind: the true value is disguised by the monetary cost.  If it’s only a nickel you won’t be bothered if you don’t get around to it.  If it cost you $100 you will most certainly will.

Sales of my book have been steadily growing for 2 years now but I do wonder how many bought it with good intentions but never got around to properly studying it and putting the advice and routines into practise.  So I’m achieving my aim of reaching the masses but if I had priced it higher would I have got more of you working at it?

The irony is that when you read Amazon notes that ‘people bought this book also bought …’  Are we just a world of book buyers/collectors – all reading, no action?  Not true of everyone, I know, but are you one of those who have yet to get down to it?


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