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Penile enlargement, referred to from here on as ‘PE’, is not new.  References can be found attributing an Arabic custom, originating in Persia, to the head of the family teaching his sons as soon as they reached manhood (puberty) how to ‘jelq’, or ‘milk’, their penis to a large size.  From early teens this practice would be followed through for years, with the result that boys became men with penises of frightening proportions.  Persia, during the period 550 BC to 330 BC, was one of the largest civilisations in the Western World, stretching from Lybia in the West to the borders of India in the East, and there can be little doubt its cosmopolitan population was as diverse and educated as any in the world today.

It’s not clear whether exercising the penis in this way was considered beneficial for sexual performance or whether to be used as an awesome sight to intimidate foes when going into battle – rather like the Scots are alleged to have done when they raised their kilts.  Whatever the reason, research has not revealed any documented fact but, nonetheless, there is no doubt that PE has not only survived but, with the advent of faster and wider communications, is also gaining in numbers and popularity.

By increasing the surface area of the penis by length and girth, there is a greater area of contact with the equally sensitive surfaces of the female’s vagina.  A larger penis will also have more contact with the clitoris – the female equivalent of the male penis, as a sensory member.  Incidentally, the human female is blessed with this organ; it is simply there to provide sexual stimulus and feelings of pleasure for the woman – no other purpose.

[Extract from How to Maximize Your Manhood by Clive Peters]


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American researchers claim that men have monthly hormone cycles just like women.  They say it’s an evolutionary throwback, ensuring men’s sexual activity is in harmony with a woman’s fertility.  A man’s testosterone levels also vary throughout the day – testosterone is higher in the morning and lower at night.

Does that ring any bells with you?

Further studies showed that women’s progesterone levels peak just before dusk – so a good compromise time would be when the levels overlap: mid-afternoon.  Try it, and let me know what you think.

Clive Peters – author of How to Maximize Your Manhood.

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You may have read that an essential element to a man’s sex life is his testosterone level.  And not just the men; although at a much lower level, an incorrect balance of testosterone can also affect a woman’s libido, as well as mood – in both men and women – growth or loss of body and facial hair, muscle tone … the list goes on.  This hormone influences your energy and virility – so you will appreciate it’s pretty important to you in the whole scheme of things – especially sex.

If you have any doubts about your testosterone level, you can have it checked out by your doctor with a simple blood test.  As we age our levels of testosterone reduce and the effects are apparent: ranging from tiredness to muscle and bone weakness, to reduced virility and sperm production, erectile dysfunction, and even atrophied (withered) genitals!

So, what about a cure: no problem – patches and pills can be prescribed to make up a deficiency.  But first, let me tell you why I’ve never been keen on supplementing what the body is designed to do for itself – except as a last resort.  If fed a regular dose of what the body normally produces, the organ that should perform this task gets lazy; after a while it may not bother at all.  The result: you become dependent on the external supplement.  A healthy diet and plenty of exercise – including sex – can maintain the right levels of testosterone well into old age.

The Medical Bit

For the medically interested, testosterone is produced by the testes and adrenal gland, but the stimulation to produce more comes from the pituitary gland.  If testosterone is provided by an external source, like a pill or cream or by injection, the pituitary will sense enough testosterone is circulating and reduce the stimulus to produce more.

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If you’re reading this you are probably already aware of the early signs of prostate problems: having trouble urinating and having to get up in the night to pee several times.  When you have eventually had enough of these inconveniences, and you begin to realise you should have gone to the doctor much sooner,  you visit your GP and he/she gives you a rectal examination to feel around the prostate to sense any physical abnormalities or inordinate increase in size, and arranges for you to have a blood test.

Research on this subject has been going on for a long time – the reason for the prostate to grow, most commonly in older men, remains a mystery.  But a long-established fact is that when there’s something unusual going on in the prostate the level of PSA released into the bloodstream increases.  Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced in the prostate gland and released into the blood stream in tiny amounts.  It’s when the level of this protein rises significantly that it can indicate a problem.  However, the PSA test has been proved to be fairly unreliable.

In today’s headlines a new approach, by taking measurements from a urine sample, indicates a far simpler and speedier test result.  But, arguably, it will remain just as unreliable.  What they don’t tell you, and will always apply, no matter which way they measure it, is that if you have ejaculated within 48 hours before taking the test you can expect your PSA count to be higher than normal.  So, if you are due for a blood test – or any other test to measure PSA – save ejaculating for a later date!

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The end of your penis is often the subject of jokes, being described by any name other than the technical medical description it has.  Even ‘Penis Head’, or ‘Nob Head’, are derogatory names given to someone who is considered a little daft or silly.  ‘Budgie’s Helmet’ is descriptive; one can imagine a budgerigar wearing a miniature fireman’s helmet (UK style helmet) and looking like a ‘dick head’.  ‘Bell End’ is another descriptive term …. the list goes on.

But did you know that, to give the head of your penis its correct name, Glans is Latin for ‘acorn’ which, if you’re looking at the end of your penis with the foreskin just allowing the opening (urethral opening) to show plus a little of the head, the glans does bear some resemblance to an acorn.  My apologies to the guys who are ‘cut’ (circumcised), you’ll have a job to create this image, but I’m sure you’ll understand. 

There are more descriptions, and illustrations, of all the male genitalia with detailed cross-section diagrams showing all the parts of the male reproductive organs, and how they all work, in Clive Peters book How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every red-blooded male needs to know.