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The end of your penis is often the subject of jokes, being described by any name other than the technical medical description it has.  Even ‘Penis Head’, or ‘Nob Head’, are derogatory names given to someone who is considered a little daft or silly.  ‘Budgie’s Helmet’ is descriptive; one can imagine a budgerigar wearing a miniature fireman’s helmet (UK style helmet) and looking like a ‘dick head’.  ‘Bell End’ is another descriptive term …. the list goes on.

But did you know that, to give the head of your penis its correct name, Glans is Latin for ‘acorn’ which, if you’re looking at the end of your penis with the foreskin just allowing the opening (urethral opening) to show plus a little of the head, the glans does bear some resemblance to an acorn.  My apologies to the guys who are ‘cut’ (circumcised), you’ll have a job to create this image, but I’m sure you’ll understand. 

There are more descriptions, and illustrations, of all the male genitalia with detailed cross-section diagrams showing all the parts of the male reproductive organs, and how they all work, in Clive Peters book How to Maximize Your Manhood – What every red-blooded male needs to know.

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