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Penile enlargement, referred to from here on as ‘PE’, is not new.  References can be found attributing an Arabic custom, originating in Persia, to the head of the family teaching his sons as soon as they reached manhood (puberty) how to ‘jelq’, or ‘milk’, their penis to a large size.  From early teens this practice would be followed through for years, with the result that boys became men with penises of frightening proportions.  Persia, during the period 550 BC to 330 BC, was one of the largest civilisations in the Western World, stretching from Lybia in the West to the borders of India in the East, and there can be little doubt its cosmopolitan population was as diverse and educated as any in the world today.

It’s not clear whether exercising the penis in this way was considered beneficial for sexual performance or whether to be used as an awesome sight to intimidate foes when going into battle – rather like the Scots are alleged to have done when they raised their kilts.  Whatever the reason, research has not revealed any documented fact but, nonetheless, there is no doubt that PE has not only survived but, with the advent of faster and wider communications, is also gaining in numbers and popularity.

By increasing the surface area of the penis by length and girth, there is a greater area of contact with the equally sensitive surfaces of the female’s vagina.  A larger penis will also have more contact with the clitoris – the female equivalent of the male penis, as a sensory member.  Incidentally, the human female is blessed with this organ; it is simply there to provide sexual stimulus and feelings of pleasure for the woman – no other purpose.

[Extract from How to Maximize Your Manhood by Clive Peters]

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