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Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction – Not Hard Enough.   2 comments

Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction as it is better known nowadays, is frequently the reason for man, irrespective of age, to seek a cure – and discover this cure has even greater benefits! And this is where How to Maximize Your Manhood can not only provide a cure in most cases, but also maximize a man’s potential in size and performance. Did you know that ED can strike at any age? From as young as 20 and with increasing probability as you get older. The causes are varied, but usually physical (70%) or psychological (30%). It can also be caused by hormonal deficiencies, stress, or even guilt! A common cause amongst those on medication is the medication itself suppressing the body’s production of nitric oxide, a very necessary hormone that relaxes smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels that provide blood flow to the penis.  No increased blood flow – no erection!

If you are concerned about the occasional limp penis, or find it difficult to maintain an erection, or would simply like a harder erection, try the exercises described in the book and, if you would like further help and guidance get back to me on