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Harder Erections, Greater Control, More Ejaculate   15 comments

This exercise is best done at the end of a jelqing session, but can be done by anyone at any time.

Stroke to a full erection, but not beyond the point of no return – in other words don’t cum. This is called edging when done repeatedly and, over time, will help you gain control over the feeling of needing to ejaculate. With a full erection, stop stroking but simply gently rub anywhere along the shaft that will keep the erection at its peak without spilling over to an orgasm. Continuing this exercise for 20 minutes is also described as ballooning ┬ábecause over time – like 3 months and more, when carried out at least 5 times a week – you will see an increase in penis girth as well as a greater hardness to your erections. For penis growth this exercise will, of course, be better carried out in conjunction with penis exercises as detailed in the book.

If you avoid ejaculating at all for 3 or 4 days, this exercise will also increase the volume of seminal fluid – which, as you know, provides a much stronger kick to your orgasms.