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Small Penis?   Leave a comment

Don’t worry, is my first advice. Recently had a guy ask: “My penis is only 4 inches long. Is that long enough to get into her vagina?”  Depends; if you’re both large in the thigh area, with surplus fat around the pubis, you will probably find it difficult.  But if your intention is to get her pregnant, then it probably is long enough – sperm will travel from her lips quite easily, and once inside the vagina will continue their journey.

But if you’re seeking sexual satisfaction through achieving vaginal orgasm, then, my friend, the answer is “no”.  However, the majority of women enjoy orgasm by clitoral stimulation, and here’s how you can make her happy with just 4 inches:

First, never forget the importance of foreplay. When she’s ready, with her on her back and you on top (missionary position) target her vaginal lips with the glans (head) of your erect penis. Keeping your body weight distributed to both your elbows and forearms, move your body up towards her head until you feel your penis being gently (but very pleasantly) held slightly down. The shaft of your penis will now be in contact with her clitoris. In this position, as you move up and down, your penis will remain in contact with her clitoris all the time – giving maximum pleasure to both of you. Enjoy!

If you are looking for vaginal orgasms, then you will need more than 4 inches. In that case, you know where to come. (Pardon the pun)