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Maximize Your Ejaculation and Improve Taste   5 comments

The second most frequently asked question I get – after matters of size that is – is how to maximize ejaculations; bigger loads, more spurts, shooting further and how to make it taste more inviting.
We are all born with different size equipment, so there will always be a difference between individuals. I mention this because porn tends to err on the biggest and that can frustrate many who would like to be the same. Even porn stars who shoot huge amounts of seminal fluid admit that they were born that way.
But there are a few things we can all do to increase volume, and thereby increase the number of spurts, as well as strengthen the muscles that make it shoot further – and even make it taste better.
Not ejaculating for 4/5 days and edging during that period I have already covered in a previous blog but now can add the importance of staying well hydrated; drink plenty of water and cut down on the booze.
Keep to a healthy diet – plenty of green leafy vegetables and avoid fried or fatty foods. Your ejaculate will taste of what you eat, so think before you eat and avoid strongly flavored foods. Sweet fresh fruit like strawberries are good. Bananas are good, so are apples and sweet oranges. Don’t smoke: smoking not only narrows the blood vessels but also makes your cum taste bitter.
Supplement your diet: supplements affect each of us a little differently but it is worth trying Lecithin, L-Arginine, Selenium, Zinc and French Pine Bark. There are others, described as ‘ancient aphrodisiacs’ made up from herbal ingredients that you can mix in with your morning cereal. But do read carefully before buying and go to a reputable source for your supplements and vitamins. Avoid heavy doses and allow 4 weeks for a vitamin/supplement to build up in your system before making any judgments. It is important that you talk first to you medical practitioner if you are on any regular medication.
Keep fit. Nicely toned muscles – inside your body as well as those you can see – produce that greater strength and kick to orgasms. Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises are essential to good sex – and shooting further, harder, and more.
Smile and enjoy!

Clive Peters. Author of How to Maximize Your Manhood – What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know.