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The Refractory Phase   Leave a comment

Ever wondered why as soon as you have ejaculated your manly equipment goes limp? And don’t you just wish you could get it up again and start all over?

This is called the refractory phase, and can take hours or even days before you get another erection. This phase can vary from one minute for a 16 year old to one month for a 90 year old man. Clearly the younger you are the quicker the recovery.

As soon as you have ejaculated two types of chemical messengers are created: adrenaline and endorphins. The adrenaline causes the blood vessels to the penis and the smooth muscle within the penis to contract. Endorphins, the feel-good chemical, provide a feeling of calm and euphoria – which explains why so many guys just want to turn over and go to sleep!

What you need to get an erection is nitric oxide (NO), and the adrenaline and endorphins suppress production of NO until they’re out of the system and the man starts to produce NO once more. The NO relaxes the blood vessels, they widen, and the penis becomes engorged and erect again. Ready for more action.

Interesting, isn’t it?!



Orgasmic Women Get Better With Age   Leave a comment

Researchers at Indiana University found that 70% of women in their 40s and 50s had an orgasm the last time they had sex, compared with 65% of those in their 30s.

Women experience more orgasms as they get older! It just gets better and better…..