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The Early Boner   Leave a comment

The Early Boner

How man has physically evolved over the millennia is amazing. In common with all mammals, before he began to walk upright, he had a penile bone.

Evolution has changed that. Human mammals are now the only species without a penile bone. It is thought that when our ancestors began to walk upright, the penis was exposed, risking damage, so man evolved a boneless penis to protect it.


Early man also had spikes on his penis to remove the sperm of others who had mated with a female, so that his semen would be implanted instead. Thankfully, as we evolved to become monogamous, the spikes disappeared. The coronal rim around the base of the head is all that is left of that inherited shape. Glans, as the head is named, is Latin for acorn which, if you’re looking at the end of your penis with the foreskin just allowing the head to show through, does bear some resemblance.


I’m enjoying the research for my next book, which will be coming out towards the end of the year, and this is just an illustration of the kind of info you discover when looking for more relevant material for the subject matter of sex, love, and lust. If you have any experiences you’d like to share – with anonymity guaranteed if you wish – please let me know. You can always write to me at and go the my ‘contact’ page.

Enjoy the loving.