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Is your Penis long enough?   15 comments

Penis thickness is generally accepted as more important to a woman than penis length, but is yours long enough to reach parts of her vagina that are most sensitive?

A vagina, when not sexually aroused, is only about 4 inches deep. This varies from woman to woman – some shorter, some a good bit longer. Let’s say your penis is 6 inches erect length; by the time you’ve allowed for the space created between your two bodies – thighs and pubic mounds – you will probably only have 4 inches of penis actually inside her vagina.  That’s ok, because she will move around until she gets best position for the tip of your penis to rub against the most sensitive spot it can reach. (Thrusting with just 4 inches inside her isn’t going to achieve much – probably just make her sore after a while – stick with the grinding motion – pubis against her clitoris).

But when (if) she gets properly aroused, her vagina will lengthen and change shape. You should reach her G spot with the head of your penis easily enough. But it’s unlikely that you’ll  be reaching beyond her cervix where another highly sensitive spot is located, and so you, and she, will be relying on contact with her clitoris in order to orgasm.

This is what happens to most women. Don’t get me wrong; clitoral orgasm is the norm, and the expected norm, for most couples. But vaginal orgasm is so much stronger, once she has experienced it she will always hope to climax that way again and again.

This kind of successful penetration, beyond the cervix, can only be achieved with a longer than average penis. And that’s where I can help you.

While you’re working at gaining that length, you might like to try a vibrating toy that is two-pronged; a short dildo element designed to tickle the G-Spot just a couple of inches or so situated on the front wall of the vagina while its other butter-fly type of soft exterior stimulates her clitoris.  But do talk about it together first – don’t surprise her with something she might hate!