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Food for Sex.   Leave a comment

I’m frequently getting requests for information about foods that are good for sex. Here’s an extract on that subject from my book, Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. You’ll find this on page 89.

‘A well-fed woman is more easily aroused, say researchers in the US. When female hamsters were injected with leptin, a hormone that makes us feel full, they head straight to the male hamster. Leptin clears the way for other hormones to be produced, which gives arousal a head start.

On the other hand, “A romantic three-course meal doesn’t translate into action in the bedroom,” says dietician Helen Bond of the British Dietetic Association. “In fact, you’re better off having sex before you go to the restaurant. Rich, carbohydrate-heavy meals cause a huge energy slump about two hours later, what’s known as postprandial dip. As your body focuses on digesting the food, you’ll feel sleepy and hardly in the mood for sex by the time you get home.

Many people find making love in the morning the best. You’re both rested and hormones are at their optimum. Try breakfast in bed!’

I then continue writing about specific foods, aphrodisiacs and supplements. You’ll need to read it all to get the complete picture.

Enjoy your sex!