Pubic Hair – The Tide is Turning   Leave a comment

Gwyneth Paltrow is reported to favor the natural look and is backed by Cameron Diaz in the news today.

Fashions come and go – and going bare has found favor for a long time now. Maybe the tide has turned. The debate will continue; some like it naked, some like it trimmed, and some like a full bush. There is a much to consider before deciding which way to turn, and my five years research included looking into hair, from why do we have it, to how can we look after it, and how we can make ourselves most attractive either with it or without it.

Hair is never going away, so you will always have the choice.

And I’m not just talking about the ladies; manscaping can be interesting, too, and for some very practical reasons!  Which is why I devoted a whole chapter in my book entitled ‘Hair? Everywhere!’  You’ll be surprised by what you read – and it will help you come to the right decision when it comes to pubic grooming.

Happy Yuletide!



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