The Prostate: Men, and their lovers, Listen Up!   Leave a comment

Your prostate gland not only makes up most of the seminal fluid you ejaculate at orgasm, it also changes size as you get older and can be the source of problems you should know about.

The prostate is the doughnut-shaped gland situated immediately below the bladder and through which the urethra passes carrying your urine, and seminal fluid, to the end of your penis.  From middle-age on the prostate begins to enlarge, putting pressure on the urethra and bladder making you feel the need to pee more frequently and , says  Roger Kirby, professor of urology at the University of London,  longer to empty your bladder because of the impeded stream.

This condition, known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) affects 40% of men over 50, but eventually all men suffer BPH, says professor Kirby.

Hormones play a role – the prostate is thought to absorb large amounts of the sex hormone testosterone, encouraging growth of the cells in the prostate. Professor Kirby adds, “A normal prostate is the size of a chestnut, but it can increase to the size of a tangerine – the largest I have (surgically) removed was actually the size of a grapefruit.” He adds that the condition is initially more likely to affect overweight men. You read it here, men, take note!

Incidentally, there could be some truth in the saying that bald men are more virile; a study of 30 men by Spanish researchers found that balding men had prostate glands that were 34% larger than those with full heads of hair! As well as an indication of possible prostate cancer, losing hair has been linked to non-cancerous enlargement of the gland – so if you have any of these symptoms, especially if middle-aged or more, go and have a check-up. Your doctor will soon put your mind at rest, or arrange curative treatment.

If you like to know what happens from the moment you think about having sex to the point of orgasm, and beyond, whether male or female, treat yourself to the most comprehensive book written on the subject Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, and be a better lover, maybe become a sex god or goddess!

Stay sexy. I believe regular sex can extend your life; certainly extend your sexual activity well into old age.

Clive Peters.


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