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It’s the same every year, the day after Valentine’s Day I get 3 times the normal number of hits on my website: How To Maximize Your Manhood.  This can only be because those men who tried to bed their g/f the night before, failed, and they think it’s because their dick isn’t big enough.  Must admit though, some of the hits are by females who are seeking a way to encourage their man to do something about his size – especially thickness.

But I have news for those that are planning to seduce their partner on Valentine’s Day: size isn’t everything! You need to plan ahead thoughtfully; the place, the time, the ambience, the comfort and total absence of any distractions or stressful situations.

The way to a successful night of seduction – and the best sex ever – are all covered in my latest book: Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.  The reason I’m telling you now is so that you still have time to read, in great detail, what so many other males and females have learnt about not only how to bed your partner but the best techniques for achieving mind-blowing orgasms.

What are you waiting for?

Happy Valentine’s, and not just February 14, but every day for the rest of your loving life!

Clive Peters.


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