Amazing Sex – The Story Behind the Book – Part 1   Leave a comment

We all know about sex, don’t we? It’s one of those things that come naturally to us, like breathing and eating. We don’t have to think about it, just do it.

But isn’t that just too simplistic, and basic? Ever thought you might do better? When we do have sex we wonder if our chosen sexual partner enjoys it as much as we do; we wonder if they understand our innermost desires, we wonder what they are hoping for, we wonder if we might do better – both of us. We are constantly looking to please and be pleased.

So we start to ask to ask questions; of ourselves, and of the opposite sex. But, unlike everyday matters, we don’t ask our parents, or our best friends, about this taboo subject (actually, females are better than males at this). Even if we do ask our friends, we’re not sure they really understand what we’re hoping to find, or if their advice or experience is really applicable to us.

What I am saying here is that nobody’s perfect, but we’d all like to do better; we recognize that, and we also accept that we are all different. You may have heard the expression ‘Different strokes for different folks’, that certainly applies to sex. When looking for answers to our most intimate questions the first port of call is usually the Internet; if you are of a certain age, it could be a periodical magazine or even a book.

I’ll stop here – we all have busy lives to lead – ‘Part 2’ follows tomorrow. See you then.

Clive Peters

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