Amazing Sex – The Story Behind the Book – Part 2   Leave a comment

…… continued from Part 1 published yesterday:

The amount of information can be bewildering. Where do you begin, and where do you look for answers that relate to you, and your intimate desires? To understand what drives you, what’s acceptable to her/him, understandable and loving – yes, the best sex can be within a loving relationship. The most amazing sex is between two people who give themselves completely and unreservedly to each other. It strengthens the bond and, I believe, can extend this wonderful activity well into old age; even helping you to live longer!

There are elements to good sex that are easily identified: mutual attraction, desire and opportunity. But sex is inordinately more complex than that; within the pages of my latest book you will discover what makes the best sex; how to make the most of your physical attributes and skills already learnt; and learn of the latest discoveries about our bodies – sexually speaking – and techniques to make the most of those discoveries. From the raging hormone-influenced teenage years, through the difficult working middle years while raising a family, to the physically challenging years of later life, sex can be, and should be, amazing.

There’s no one person, male or female, who knows it all, and I certainly do not make that claim but let me share a personal experience with you: my very first full sexual experience during late teenage years, was with a woman five years older than me. My lasting memory from that liaison was that she knew a whole lot more about my body than I did. That not only astounded me, it kicked into gear my life-long interest in understanding more and to constantly keep a shine on my sensual and sexual skills. I’m telling you this because you and I need to believe in the same objectives; reading this far confirms to me that we are on the same wavelength.

‘Who are you writing for, males or females?’, asked a friend when I began talking about this. I told him about another personal experience that took me by surprise: my previous book was written specifically for men. You can’t make the target audience any more obvious than the title given to that book, or so I thought! My first person-to-person contact following publication of that book was with my local pharmacist (male) who wanted to introduce me to his assistant (female). I was pleased to meet this petite, good-looking and educated woman, and asked why she wanted to meet me.

‘I’ve read your book from cover to cover. I couldn’t put it down. And I wanted to meet you and shake your hand.’ For once, I was lost for words.

I’ll continue with Part 3 of the story tomorrow …… hope to see you then.


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