Amazing Sex – The Story Behind the Book – Part 3   Leave a comment

……. continued from Part 2 published yesterday:

In recent months I have been writing the occasional blog, in support of the broader audience interested in gaining further help and encouragement. Here’s the heading of a blog that continues to generate  a great many hits: Harder Erections, Greater Control, More Ejaculate.  Twenty percent of those hits came from females!  Here’s a comment from Kathy: Great post! This is the kind of of information that should be distributed on the online community. I would like to read more of this. Her comment typified the female interest expressed.

By now you will understand my hesitation in giving my friend a straight answer [yesterday’s blog; Part 2]. Incidentally, you will find the blog mentioned, amongst several others, in the book. And you will read actual comments made by both sexes on all taboo subjects, ranging from multiple orgasms (and how to achieve them), how to make a woman ‘squirt’, to the introduction of anal sex, getting the hardest erections (and avoiding erectile dysfunction), avoiding premature ejaculation, to increasing ejaculate volume and influencing its taste. You will read what a 40-something female friend said when asked, ‘What does it feel like when a man comes inside you?’  And, ‘Is penis size important?’

Factual studies on sexual behaviour are quoted, from university studies and surveys carried out by independent groups around the world. To maintain integrity and privacy, contributors are quoted as directly about this subject as you would wish but their true names do not appear. However, there are comments made by famous personalities drawn from their published views on sex that you will recognize.

The novelist Martin Amis has said women are more likely to write about the reality of sex, complete with its awkward ‘fiascos and no-shows’, while men choose to avoid them. He added that male authors were dogged  by their fears of impotency, a weakness from which women are free, allowing them to write about sex. My view is that he is right, when writing novels, but this book is about facts – not a novel – and I’m a male, with every intention of covering the scenarios he mentions, so you might think the target audience for Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, is male. Maybe, but my experience shows that many male writers have completely missed just how interested women are in all things sexual, and this work attempts to not only illustrate this fact but also provide answers to questions buzzing around in the minds of women that will benefit both sexes.

Happy, glorious, and amazing love-making to you all.

Clive Peters.

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