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Smell and Taste   Leave a comment

You don’t need much of an imagination to know where I’m going with this!  But it is always good to learn why and how such senses are used to our benefit.

A study by the Smell and Taste foundation in Chicago discovered the combined fragrances of pumpkin pie and lavender had the greatest effect on blood flow to the genitals, boosting it by as much as 40%.  They reckon they trigger happy memories, awakening the reticular activating system, causing arousal.

You can read more in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust about blood flow, genitals, food and drink, and the complete chemistry of attraction, love and lust. And, oh yes, a whole lot more, like overcoming erections problems to how to make her squirt. From mutual masturbation to anal sex; from conception to contraception.

Copy and paste this Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters into your Google search engine and see the huge choice of places to read reviews and buy the book.

For those of you who have already bought the book, my grateful thanks and don’t hesitate to post a review – that really helps others decide.

Happy love-making.




Regular Sex   2 comments

Feeling old and wrinkly?  Researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital tell us that regular sex can prevent lines and wrinkles.

People in their forties who had sex two or three times a week were judged to look seven to thirteen years younger – probably down to DHEA, a hormone released during sex that can increase collagen production.

Stay young and beautiful – enjoy your love-making.



Viagra for Women   Leave a comment

We all know this is an impossible dream – mostly for male dreamers who wish they could make a woman feel as randy as they do, as frequently as they are, and whenever they want it.  Dream on fellas.  Having said that, the pharmaceutical industry is still trying to create this ‘holy grail’, in the hopes of being the first and making a fortune out of it.

We know that male driving forces can be triggered by smell, vision, touch, memories, fantasies, and even if ‘the mind is willing but the flesh is weak’, erections are easily produced with help from a pill.

Not so for the ladies; female driving forces are never simply physical; naturally, physical attraction can play a part but it is mostly the emotional, romantic and loving relationship that triggers a desire to make love.  And there’s no pill for that!  I’m not saying it is always an easy path for men (they have their difficult moments, too), and women – even those within a loving relationship – have nothing to worry about because they have nothing physical to arouse (like the penis for penetration) and can simply lay back and receive it.  A totally ill-conceived view.  Around the time a woman hits her forties, life, and desire as well as penetration, can get tricky.  Add the emotional aspect and you have the makings of some real relationship problems, unless you’re a really good communicator.

But there’s some good news on the horizon – yes, you guessed it, it’s not available just yet.  Dr Sheryl Kingsberg, chief of the Division of Behavioral  Medecine Department at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland, recognizing that more than half of post-menopausal women experience problems that make sex uncomfortable due to a lack of the hormone oestrogen, conducted a trial, the results of which she presented at the International Society of Women’s Sexual Health Annual Meeting, in Austin, Texas.

The trial used a tear-shaped gel capsule inserted once-daily; the oestrogen contained, and released only in the vagina, was thought to have less affect throughout the rest of the body than conventional HRT treatment, which should mean less chance of side-effects.  And associated emotional upset.

Dr Kingsberg said the treatment (yet to be approved by regulators) was something ‘women may find to be convenient and easy to use’.  Her researchers found 63 per cent of of women using this method, all aged 40-75, reported better quality of life after only two weeks, compared with 48 per cent on a placebo.

The chances of a woman feeling sexy, and with desire to match, must surely improve if she knows that there’s a simple daily ampoule she takes that will make her forget about physical limitations due to ‘normal’ bodily changes as we age, and enable her to get emotionally involved as much as her heart desires.  Won’t that be good news?!

Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait for the regulators to decide; you can read everything you need to know about sex, relationships, sexual chemistry, overcoming problems, and a host of other matters you never knew existed, with personal contributions from both genders in all walks of life, from puberty to those in their eighties!  It’s all there in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters.  Don’t take my word for it – go Google and see for yourself.

Bad Timing   Leave a comment

I’m going to tell you something you already know: there are times when he’s up for it, and she’s not – and, occasionally, vice-versa. But do you know why?

Men usually feel most amorous first thing in the morning – often even discovering they have an erection upon waking up. Ashley Grossman, Professor of Neuroendocrinology at Oxford University explains: ‘At night, the brain turns on the endocrine gland which floods the male body with testosterone – the hormone that’s the main driver of sexual arousal in men.’

For women, it’s different (your kidding!). ‘Only 30/40 per cent of female sex drive is down to hormones,’ says consultant gynaecologist Gabrielle Downey, of Birmingham BMI Priory Hospital and the Birmingham Gynaecology Clinic. ‘The rest is down to emotional and neurological input.’

Now here’s the sad part: a woman’s sex hormones are lowest on waking up in the morning, but they do rise gradually during the day. For men, the moment they wake up their testosterone levels are at their highest – up to 50% more than at any time during the day.

Gentlemen, and ladies, this differential takes some understanding – as well as handling – and if you want to get your ’emotional and neurological input’ right, so’s you both are up for it at the same time, you are going to need help in communication. The importance of communication is key in every loving relationship – which is why I have devoted a whole chapter in the book to just that.

Happy reading – and shared explosive sex.


‘Gimme Your Dongle’   Leave a comment

Not exactly what she said; what this 80 yr old actually said to my wife was: ‘Can I borrow your husband’s dongle?’ She knew the implied message was cheeky, but I’m relating this incident because it illustrates two aspects of sexuality: age does not decrease interest, and euphemisms are always good to use when other language might be embarrassing or difficult.

Sex is for enjoying – it can be fun, too; there’s no harm in laughing, as long as you do it together. You can read more about sexual language in the section devoted to this in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.

Happy love-making.