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I’m going to tell you something you already know: there are times when he’s up for it, and she’s not – and, occasionally, vice-versa. But do you know why?

Men usually feel most amorous first thing in the morning – often even discovering they have an erection upon waking up. Ashley Grossman, Professor of Neuroendocrinology at Oxford University explains: ‘At night, the brain turns on the endocrine gland which floods the male body with testosterone – the hormone that’s the main driver of sexual arousal in men.’

For women, it’s different (your kidding!). ‘Only 30/40 per cent of female sex drive is down to hormones,’ says consultant gynaecologist Gabrielle Downey, of Birmingham BMI Priory Hospital and the Birmingham Gynaecology Clinic. ‘The rest is down to emotional and neurological input.’

Now here’s the sad part: a woman’s sex hormones are lowest on waking up in the morning, but they do rise gradually during the day. For men, the moment they wake up their testosterone levels are at their highest – up to 50% more than at any time during the day.

Gentlemen, and ladies, this differential takes some understanding – as well as handling – and if you want to get your ’emotional and neurological input’ right, so’s you both are up for it at the same time, you are going to need help in communication. The importance of communication is key in every loving relationship – which is why I have devoted a whole chapter in the book to just that.

Happy reading – and shared explosive sex.


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