So You Know Everything About Sex?   Leave a comment

“What’s to know?”, you hear her, or him say. “I get the feeling I wanna f…k, and she agrees, so we go for it.”

Isn’t that what most reckon?  Sure, nature takes over, he gets erect, she gets wet, he penetrates, she sighs, he comes, and that’s it. Now you’re not going to tell me that’s all there is to it, are you? You’re kidding me!

When I heard a fifteen-year old say she thought having sex standing up was a good way to prevent getting pregnant (she thought gravity was on her side), that got me thinking … and writing. By the time we hit our mid-teens we all think we know as much as we need to enjoy having sex. By the time we’re the wrong side of 35 we realise just how little we actually knew.

This weekend I sold a bunch of books to parents of teenagers; the parents wanted something they could pass over to their kids (kids don’t want to hear what their parents get up to – yuk) so they could read up for themselves. Guess what. I’m getting messages saying, “Wow, never mind the kids, this stuff has set our own sex life alight again.”

I’ve noted, for the most part, they also bought the paperback version; it’s much easier to roam around a paperback and book-mark places you want to get back to, and leave it on the bookshelf for others to thumb through. Reckon this is true for any reference book. If you are one of those I’m talking about, thanks for buying the book and, if you like what you read and learn, please post a review on the website you bought it from – that really helps others decide.

If you haven’t seen Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters yet, click here and you’ll be taken to the website to read reviews and places you can buy.  And, oh yes, there’s a chapter on ‘Conception and Contraception’ for your 15 year old.

Happy love-making.


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