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Teachers are human!  Sex is a very private, personal activity, and nobody should expect that any teacher should simply be given a curriculum and told to ‘get on with it.’ Male or female, the teacher feels vulnerable, and, quite rightly, feels that pupils are going to ask questions that can be construed as extremely personal – and leave the classroom with improper views about their teacher. You can’t stop the kids talking about the subject, and their teacher, after they have left the classroom.

What all teachers need is a reference, something that can instantly be recognised as an authoritative work, to draw from, use as a guide, offer to pupils in whole or part – you can hear the sigh of relief from any teacher as she or he reads this. “If only.” I hear you say.

There has been a lot of publicity about teaching 11 to 18 year old’s about sex. But nobody talks about how the teachers should go about teaching this subject, creating a syllabus; starting with the basics perhaps: anatomy, attraction, arousal, and copulation. Maybe moving on to conception, contraception, and birth. Another stage could introduce the chemistry, the hormones that drive us, feelings of love and desire, the difference between lust and love. Another stage might talk about oral sex; cunnilingus and fellatio, even touching upon anal sex. A final stage could be about problems and problem solving; emotional as well as physical. With open discussion to encourage dispelling myths and untruths about sex, Discussing the importance of communication – how this can avoid problems and enhance relationships. Define pornography, its influence on our sex lives, how we use it.

I could go on – you know the list is endless. You also know that any one aspect can be looked up on the Internet – with so many differing views and opinions, often drawn from dubious sources. Within the 355 pages of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, the teacher will not only have an authoritative source of information but also share the personal experiences from contributors around the world. In addition to the information gathered from legitimate studies carried out by internationally recognised institutions and universities – and drawing from published works by recognised sex experts. All in one volume.

The detail is incredible; one reviewer said, ‘This work should be required reading by all medical students.’ Who knows the constituents of semen, and how to influence its appearance, volume, taste and smell? Okay, so you do know, but have you got such information in a single source? Become knowledgeable about which foods influence your sexual performances; which supplements to consider. What is a ‘headache’ and how to cure/avoid it. Matters of size; breasts as well as penile. Multiple orgasms, masturbation, mutual masturbation; these are just a few of the subjects covered in great detail. How to recognize and treat problems ranging from ED to PE to cystitis to STDs. This book is your one-stop work of reference for all matters sexual – teaching or not.

And whether you’re a teacher or not – happy love-making.



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