Breasts, Sex, and Cancer   2 comments

Robert Paul Smith said, ‘B is for breasts, of which ladies have two; once prized for the function, now for the view.’ In the chapter headed ‘Breasts’ in my latest book, I ask the question, ‘Are breasts sexual organs?’ In a happy mood I read one man’s view; ‘When shopping, we are all familiar with the offer, “Two for the price of one”. Women are like that, you suck on one and she offers you the other’.

There is no doubt that these anatomical wonders are appreciated and enjoyed by both sexes; quite apart from their basic function – to feed their babies – nobody can deny their attraction, and ability to display a girl’s femininity. And variety adds to the pleasure; big ones, small ones, pert nipples, wide areolae, from porcelain pink to honey-hew¬†to mahogany and all flesh tones in between. Yes, we are ALL different.

So when something goes wrong, it is a catastrophe. For the woman, firstly, and then all the folk – of both sexes – around her. Sixteen years ago my wife had breast cancer and went through all the procedures to effect a cure; it is now simply a distant memory, but unforgettable nonetheless. No enduring after-effects; just left with an ability to counsel wisely on the subject to those who might be going through the same pain.

But no matter how experienced, or wise, you may be, nobody can prepare you for the shock. Yesterday our daughter told us she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am in shock as I write this. We all have our different ways of coping with disturbing or shocking news; I write. We know that the prognosis is good and very positive, but it doesn’t change the effect this has on everybody’s state of mind.

Thank you for listening to me today; it is much appreciated.

Happy love-making.


2 responses to “Breasts, Sex, and Cancer

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  2. Sir, we are blessed to have these women in our lives. With their breasts, their strength, their fortitude. I wish you many years to come with the women you love. Thank you for writing about this.

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