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Loss of Sex Drive   Leave a comment

When a woman has a persistent or recurrent lack of interest in sex, this is medically described as hypoactive sexual desire disorder – what a mouthful, hence the simple abbreviation HSDD.

We’ve talked about taking Viagra, and how that dilates the blood vessels to the genitals, and how this is fine for men but does nothing for the women; females need a lot more stimulus provided by emotion and nerve sensitivity. Well, here is some possible good news. Scientists discovered that a drug, originally developed for fake tanning, called bremelanotide, triggered sexual arousal in both men and women.

In a two-year clinical trial, 550 women at centres across the US are being given the drug once every 24 hours – it’s thought that it acts on the central nervous system – so it will be interesting to study the results of this trial.

Meanwhile, for those of us more interested in sex right now, there’s a report in the Journal of Comparative Psychology about a study that says the more male friends a woman has, the more frequently she has sex with her partner. This could suggest that the threat of competition – whether consciously or sub-consciously – makes the woman more desirable to her man.

There you go, girls. If your man ever asks you about your male friends, you now have the answer!

Happy love-making.