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This is how many men refer to the volume of ejaculate when they orgasm (come). But did you know that it is not the volume of seminal fluid that counts, but the number of sperm cells it contains. And did you know that, if your contractions produce several squirts, it is the very first ejaculate that contains the most sperm.

And it is not his testicles that produce the white gloopy fluid that many men wish they could increase, but his prostate gland. It is also stored for a while in the seminary vesicle attached to the side of his prostate. Further fluid is added by the Cowper’s gland – the light, slightly oily fluid that you sometimes see produced before you actually orgasm (pre-cum).

There is a little fluid, a tiny amount, produced in the testicles to carry the sperm manufactured there, up to the prostate so that it joins in with the seminal fluid during ejaculation.

The amazing thing is that a healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. During his lifetime he will produce around 525 billion sperm!

Now, that’s what I call a heavy load!

Happy love-making.


PS: You will find a whole lot more about this subject, and how to influence the taste and volume of your ejaculate in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.


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Here’s an update, as at 20 May, of the sales rankings by categories of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust:

# 46 – Contraception and Family Planning.

# 61 – Sex.

# 80 – Kindle store: Sex.

My thanks to all of you that have bought the book; don;t forget to post a review – pointing out which section of this comprehensive work you found particularly informative. It helps others identify the book that could be right for them, too.

Happy love-making.


Getting There   1 comment

Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, just hit  #89 in’s Parent-Child top 100 sales rank listings.

Want to say a big thank you to all of you that bought the book. Please consider writing a review on Amazon – or whichever website you purchased it from – because it really does help others to decide if this book is going to help them in the areas that interest them most.

And another thing, it is becoming more apparent that not only is this book a great help to parents with young adult offspring, it is also refreshing/enlightening the parents own sex lives, too! Great news!!

Happy love-making.


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Are you reading this on a Monday?

Reports claim that Monday is the day when most internet porn is accessed – and January is the busiest month.

Sex is something special between two people; porn degrades this. It warps your mind towards selfish actions; it makes meaningful relationships difficult at best, impossible at worst.

Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, provides the answers. If you think you might be hooked on porn, get the answers – and enjoy the best sex ever, by investing in this comprehensive work.

Happy love-making.


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The International Journal of Impotence Research says that erectile drugs may help sexual function, but this doesn’t translate into overall satisfaction with sex lives and relationships. How right they are!

That is precisely why I wrote Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. In this book you will read everything you need to know to reach ‘overall satisfaction’ with your sex lives and relationships. From communicating desire to physical accomplishment, from the deepest understanding to problem solving, from masturbation to anal – and everything in between.

Happy love-making.

Clive Peters

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If has been removed, here’s an alternative site to view

Clive Peters

Analytics show thousands of you going to my page hoping to see photographic evidence of larger penises. I’d like to explain why you’ll be disappointed. Sometimes happy and grateful readers of my book send me ‘before and after’ photos but Flickr’s policy (to date) doesn’t allow such pics to be displayed – and they’re removed.

If you’d like to view hundreds of pics of big penises – so that you can be convinced bigger penises do exist – go to , but be warned, among them are many that are pornographic in content.

If you have read, or are reading my book, and taken your PE seriously, you may well have a penis too big for normal size condoms. It’s wise to stay safe and continue to use them but you’ll need that extra size to avoid discomfort and splitting.

It’s not my usual practice but here’s my…

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