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US Doctor Elizabeth McClintock analyzed a poll of over 9,000 young adults and came to the conclusion that females were more likely to change their mind about their sexuality. In contrast, males tended to describe themselves as ‘100 per cent heterosexual’ or ‘100 per cent homosexual’.

The study included more than 5,000 women and 4,000 men, and they were questioned three times, around the ages of 16, 22 and 28. Questions included whether they would describe themselves as ‘100% heterosexual’, ‘mostly heterosexual’, ‘bisexual’, ‘mostly homosexual’ or ‘100% homosexual’.

The women were more likely to call themselves bisexual.

I have a sneaky feeling that females are a little more honest, and open, about their sexual tendencies than men. Men don’t like to be considered as uncertain or indecisive, and often feel a need to suppress a deep-down emotional feeling.

What do you think?

Reading Exploring Sex, Love and Lust might help you in your personal searches for sexual knowledge and understanding. It certainly helped me!

Happy Love-making.


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