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Exposed Penis   Leave a comment

Humans are the only mammals without a penile bone!

When our ancestors began to walk upright, the penis was exposed, risking damage by bumping into things, so man evolved a boneless organ to protect it.

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New Condoms   Leave a comment

Condoms are to be made using graphene, which is thinner than a human hair and stronger than a diamond. The development work, at Manchester University, is being funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to combat the spread of HIV.

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Ice Cream   Leave a comment

A bowl of ice cream a day could boost an older woman’s chances of conception. Women aged 35-plus who ate dairy products more than three times a day were 21% more likely to conceive than those who did not, a study found.
Jorge Chavarro, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, suggested that progesterone, a female hormone found in milk, may be boosting fertility.

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One in three “Can’t remember Sex”   Leave a comment

One in three couples in a long term relationship can’t remember the last time they had sex, according to a study by sex products supplier The Fantasy Box.

Millions find themselves in sexless relationships, with many blaming family life and work for getting in the way of passion. And one in ten admit they no longer have a sexual relationship with their partner at all. Family life prevents intimacy for more than a third of couples aged 25 to 44 (38%). Six in ten (61%) enjoyed a better sex life with a previous partner.

Yet the study found we’re doing little to reverse the trends in the bedroom and are ‘too afraid’ to discuss the issue.
Half (49%) lack the confidence to talk about fantasies with their partner. And the same proportion of over-55s said their sex life was not what it was because of their health.

If this rings true for you, or you can see that this might happen to you, or you simply want to take that simple step to avoid it ever happening to you, read Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters.

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