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We’re all different   Leave a comment

Broadcast on UK’s Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ this week, Dr Emily Nagoski said that around 30% of women need time to build up to the point of sexual desire. She said, “The standard narrative of sexual desire is that it is something that appears out of the blue … as a lightning bolt.” She added, “But thirty per cent of women rarely experience that ‘kaboom’ feeling. Instead they experience what is called responsive desire.”

Dr Nagoski, who teaches at a US college and has written a book on female sexuality, believes “every woman has her own unique sexuality, like a fingerprint”, so women should not compare their own responses to those of others.

In Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, the theme of ‘we’re all different’ runs through the entire book, with intimate differences explained, not only from female to female but also between both sexes. And the comparisons don’t end there! You’ll grasp a better understanding, not only of your own body but also your partner’s, and how to achieve the best sex ever.

Happy love-making.