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So you think you know all you need to know about sex? All about maximizing your enjoyment, and how all your ‘bits’ work? And how to look after them?¬†Well, here’s some news that may astonish you: One in six men are unaware they have a prostate!

It’s official. Polling for the charity Prostate Cancer UK also found half of men do not know where the prostate gland is and only one in twelve know what it does!

It was a similar discovery I made about teenage girls; many thought that having sex while standing up meant that they wouldn’t get pregnant – gravity was on their side! How wrong can you be?

This is important: you need to know, and understand, the physiology of your body, both genders, if you are to recognize symptoms of things going wrong. And how to get the best sex.¬†That’s why I wrote the book, Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, just for you.

Do yourself, and your partner, a favor, and get a copy before things go wrong.

Happy love-making.


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