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In a survey of 278 heterosexual couples by researchers at Florida State University, they found that if a man’s wife is happy, laid-back and curious about life, then the couple are more likely to have a more active sex life.

However, it wasn’t the husband’s personality that influenced how often the couple had sex, it was the wive’s who were the ‘gatekeepers’ of sex in the relationship. The more agreeable and open they were, the greater the probability they were having sex more frequently with their partner.

Nonetheless, when it came to sexual satisfaction, the personalities of both partners mattered. The more neurotic they were, the lower their levels of satisfaction!

So beware of problems like that looming in your relationship – you’ll find ways of both recognizing and solving such problems in Chapter 23, headed ‘Problem Solving’, in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.

Happy love-making.


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  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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