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My last book was to target young adults, to help them on their way through the jungle of sexual relationships. It was also meant as an aid to parents in communicating the differences between love and lust to their offspring.

What I forgot was that every youngster already knows everything they need to know about sex (or so they think) – so they’ll never buy the book. But here’s the crunch: parents who bought the book, as a self-help guide for their kids, began to realize this was not for the kids but for adults – and by that I don’t mean 18+, I mean for the 40+!!

Here’s what a thoughtful lady wrote to me: “Women know very little about men and frequently don’t know all that much about their own bodies either. Like most people, by age 25 I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. What a shock to learn 20 years later I knew hardly anything!”

If you’re like my correspondent, open your mind and explore the probability that you could be enjoying the best sex ever. No need to be shy, embrace the opportunity. Exploring sex, love and lust will show you the way.

Happy love-making.


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