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Good news for UK readers only. My book, Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, is available at less than half-price, including free delivery, for one month only, on eBay. Just go to eBay and search, under books, for Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters.

Each book will be personally signed by Clive and his business card, with all his personal contact details, is included.

But hurry, only a finite number available for this very special opportunity.

Happy reading, and love-making.



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Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters
This is a really great book on love and sex. It is well written and covers every aspect of making love with knowledge, understanding, sensitivity and some nice humour as well. It can help loving couples to be really open with each other about what they enjoy sexually and how to be good lovers and give each other pleasure, which is the secret of good love making.
Zelda West-Meads, columnist for ‘You’ in the Mail on Sunday, relationship counsellor and sex therapist.