Premature Ejaculation   Leave a comment

This spoils the main event – can be very depressing – and affects 25% of men in the UK.

New research by a medical team in Istanbul, and published in the journal Andrologia, revealed that all those men who climaxed too quickly had one thing in common: they all had significantly lower levels of vitamin B12 than those guys who could last longer.

Scientists stressed more research is needed but one theory is that B12 bolsters levels of neurotransmitters thought to play a key role in controlling ejaculation.

How can you boost your levels? Off-the-shelf yeast extract called ‘Marmite’ is one of the richest sources of this vitamin. A daily dollop is worth a try – keep it up – if you’ll pardon the expression. Love it or hate it, spread on toast will give you a good start to the day. Every day to maintain that essential level.

If you want to learn more about the chemistry of love and sex, treat yourself to a copy of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. You, and your lover, will not regret it.

Happy love-making.



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