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Single & Sexy   2 comments

A study involving 2000 people over a seven year period, by researchers in Finland, showed that singles enjoyed more orgasms and were able to reach orgasm faster than those in a relationship!

Happy love-making.



One Night Stand   4 comments

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada tell us that men with deep voices are more attractive to women – this is because it is assumed they are more manly.

However, despite being drawn to such men, women thought they would be only suitable for short-term flings as very masculine men were considered to be more likely to cheat.

So, if you are blessed with a deep voice, you may need to work on your skills of devotion and character if you don’t want to wind up a lonely old man! You know where to come if you need help in this area.

Happy love-making.


Come together   Leave a comment

We all agree that to come together is the nicest thing. We also agree that all too frequently the man comes too soon or much quicker than his partner. Best advice I’ve heard recently is for the woman to concentrate on coming as fast as she can while the man holds off as best he can.

Ladies, don’t worry about getting there before him, there’s nothing more exciting for a man than for him to sense his woman is coming – he’ll shoot same time as you – I promise.

Happy love-making.


Got Libido Problems?   Leave a comment

I’ve always said that talking it through, indeed talking any aspect of sex through with your partner, is the best way to avoid a problem, or avoid an existing problem getting worse.
Now Austrian research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility reported that in a study of 80 women with sexual dysfunction, keeping a diary and talking to their partner about their sex life was found to be as effective as taking a nasal spray of oxytocin (the ‘cuddle’ hormone; you can read more about hormones and supplements in the chapter ‘The chemistry of Love and Lust’).
For those who find it difficult to find the right words, or spot the right moment, keeping a diary could be a useful aide-memoire when the appropriate time presents itself. But try initiating a chat about that concern you have, or a desire you wish to fulfil, by using humour – try smiling for a start! A naughty smile can break any barrier.
For a whole lot more about getting down to the subject with your loved-one, and vocalising in perfect harmony, see if you can discover what helps you most in the chapter, ‘The importance of communication.’
I refer, of course, to Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, by Clive Peters, available online, as an eBook, or softcover to keep handy by the bed.
Happy love-making.