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It’s a Super Healthy Activity – Official   Leave a comment

Have you heard about the ‘Two Week Challenge’? You must have sex every single day for 14 days. This is good for you. Really.

Reported in the Mail on Sunday this morning, Kate Garraway, a presenter on UK ITV, wrote about interviewing her friend who had just spent two weeks in Paris, doing The Challenge, with her husband! It doesn’t matter where you do it, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the cupboard, on the stairs – just don’t miss a day. For two weeks.

Studies carried out in Israel showed that women who had two orgasms a week were almost a third less likely to have heart disease. Another study at Queens University, Belfast, found that having sex 3 times a week could slash your heart attack and stroke risk.

It is a super healthy activity.

There is now evidence that it improves your cognitive function and appears to ward off dementia.

What have I been banging on about all these years?!

Happy Love-Making.



Sexual Peak   Leave a comment

Women reach their sexual peak between 45 and 60, suggests a study from the University of Pittsburgh. Though they may have lower sex drives than when they were younger, they know themselves better sexually and are better at communicating with their partner in the bedroom, the researchers said.

And they will probably have read the chapter, ‘The importance of Communication’, in my book, ‘Exploring Sex, Love and Lust’. You could, too.

Happy Love-Making,