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Research shows that lying on your back after sex won’t increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.

In a study last year by VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, women having artificial insemination were told to stay in bed for 15 minutes, or get up immediately – the latter became pregnant more easily!

The researchers said there was no reason to stay in bed for longer than it takes to ‘get your breath back.’

You can read how fast sperm swim and how long it takes to travel from the man’s ejaculation to penetrating the female egg, and all the struggles it has to face on its way, in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.

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Mum really DOES know best!

Dr Laura Widman, of the Teen Health Lab at North Carolina State University analysed research of 25,000 teenagers over 30 years, about discussing with parents contraception and risky sexual conduct.

It is ‘the chat’ dads, and teenagers, dread most. But the research suggests that those who did talk it over with a parent made them more likely to practise safe sex – and it’s better still if done by Mum.

Under 25s make up more than six in ten chlamydia cases in the UK, more than 140,000 annually.

Particularly among mothers and girls, ‘communication with parents’ has a protective effect on adolescent contraceptive and condom use. The results are published in JAMA Pediatrics.

There is another way – and you know what I mean – my book even has a chapter devoted to ‘Communication’, to help Mum or Dad, as well another on ‘Conception and Contraception’. So you’ll know all about it – Mums too!

Happy love-making.

Clive Peters, author.

Good News from Italy   1 comment

Reported in international news today was research on 7,000 men, over 4 years in the Molise region of Italy confirmed that drinking three strong coffees a day cuts the chances of prostate cancer by more than 50%.

Study leader George Pounis, of the Mediterranean Neurological Institute, said: ‘By analysing their coffee consumption habits and comparing them with prostate cancer cases occurring over time, we saw a net reduction of risk of 53% in those who drank more than three cups a day.’

The team confirmed their findings by testing the action of coffee extracts on prostate cancer cells in laboratory studies.

In the UK, prostate cancer in men is the biggest killer after breast cancer in women.

If you’d like a copy of the full report, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Happy love-making – and survive cancer!


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My website has a spam filter that stops any comments reaching me if they are coming via a commercial site.

I am aware that many carry a serious message, but if you want your message to be seen you will have to simply send your comments from your personal address and not show a website address.

That way we can all read what everybody is thinking, and freely exchange views and opinions.

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Men in a new relationship produce more semen and healthier sperm, compared with men seeing a woman long-term. This was suggested in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science; the thinking behind this statement is that it is a tactic by the male body to ensure their sperm competes with other sperm to fertilise an egg.

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What most men want to know is ‘what’s my sperm count?’ Then they may want to know whether their ejaculate has sufficient volume to make the distance from copulation to egg. Mostly, I think, they just want to enjoy the moment.

But if you’re thinking of making babies, here’s something else to consider:

I have written much about the constituents of seminal fluid, and how to influence its volume, taste, smell, and texture – all in the interests of more pleasurable sex – and have also held the opinion that, like your mouth, the vagina, despite its defensive lining and fluids, can actually absorb some elements of fluids left within its cavity. My theory is that some of the hormone testosterone in the man’s ejaculate is actually absorbed by the female via her vagina – leading to the occasional ‘top-up’ for her libido, or sex drive, thus more frequent sex maintaining her desire. (read about this, and a whole lot more, in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust).

This theory is known as ‘telegony’ and was first proposed by Aristotle in ancient Greece. It was one of the reasons kings were banned from marrying divorcees. Not for the reason I just suggested but because offspring can take on the characteristics and appearances of a previous lover! This theory has since been discredited thanks to the advent of genetics – BUT scientists (writing in the journal Ecology and Evolution), have now suggested flings can influence the offspring of future mates.

Professor Russell Bonduriansky, University of New South Wales, in Australia said, ‘Males contribute DNA to fertilize an egg, but we believe there is something more complex going on.’

This could be because seminal fluid is chemically complex, with messenger molecules called RNA floating in the liquid. Professor Bonduriansky added, ‘There is evidence these RNAs can play a role in embryonic development. But the jury is still out on exactly what effects these molecules have.’

Worth bearing in mind every time you have sex without a condom – it isn’t just STDs you’re avoiding, it could be your baby not looking much like its father!

Happy love-making.



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So you think you know all you need to know about sex? All about maximizing your enjoyment, and how all your ‘bits’ work? And how to look after them? Well, here’s some news that may astonish you: One in six men are unaware they have a prostate!

It’s official. Polling for the charity Prostate Cancer UK also found half of men do not know where the prostate gland is and only one in twelve know what it does!

It was a similar discovery I made about teenage girls; many thought that having sex while standing up meant that they wouldn’t get pregnant – gravity was on their side! How wrong can you be?

This is important: you need to know, and understand, the physiology of your body, both genders, if you are to recognize symptoms of things going wrong. And how to get the best sex. That’s why I wrote the book, Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, just for you.

Do yourself, and your partner, a favor, and get a copy before things go wrong.

Happy love-making.