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Penis Enlargement – My Story   Leave a comment

For those wanting more info, and more help, here’s a link to a great free forum where you can not only read my story of how I got into PE but also join in with others who are active participants.

Take this secure link:

and join in with the tens of thousands of men who changed their lives.

Be confident, be attractive, be successful – and sexy.



Don’t mention Size!   Leave a comment

Folk still don’t, or won’t, talk about it. But size is important, especially to those who feel short-changed in the trouser department. And those girls kind enough to not wish make you feel humiliated won’t say anything either.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s a fact that having a larger than average manhood makes a man feel more confident. And it’s a fact that even nice girls prefer a larger member.

Why have I chosen this moment to state the obvious? It’s because I was sent an email with a recorded sales message offering video tuition to this end, at a cost of $49.00.

Don’t fall for it; you can buy everything you need to know in my book ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood: What Every red-blooded make needs to know’ for your eReader, or paperback, from Amazon.  And it will cost you only $3.94 for the eReader version.

Not only a saving of over $45 but also buy in the knowledge that you have the author’s help anytime you have a question by emailing me here.

Happy love-making, and satisfying sex.


Some Like it Huge   Leave a comment

There’s no doubt that some do like it huge. And I’m talking about all aspects of the human body, whether it be breasts, bums, eyes, hair, or with men it is their penis.

Looking around the net I’ have found yet another website devoted to the latter. Here’s a link:

It seems most visitors to this site are men – men, after all, do like the visuals – and many are gay or bi-sexual.  Perhaps some are heterosexual.  But what intrigues me is the growing number of females visiting sites like this.

Are you one? If so, please let me know, and tell me what you hope to see – and why. All correspondence is held in strict confidentiality.

You can write to me at

Happy love-making.


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Here’s news about the best prices and most reviews, plus Sales Ranking for How to Maximize Your Manhood – What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know. Here’s the website address:

If you’re looking to buy from Amazon, this book is much cheaper at than it is at Also, as seen today (mid-June), there are 16 Reviews and the book is listed with a Sales Ranking of 103 in its category.

What are you waiting for? And, don’t forget, the author is always available for providing personal, private mentoring. You can contact him direct at – don’t forget to relate your interest by putting the book title in SUBJECT.

Be confident – and Happy Love-Making


Exposed Penis   Leave a comment

Humans are the only mammals without a penile bone!

When our ancestors began to walk upright, the penis was exposed, risking damage by bumping into things, so man evolved a boneless organ to protect it.

Happy love-making.


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For those of you who feel short-changed, there’s a whole chapter, and several sections, of my new book Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, devoted to all matters of size, erection quality (EQ), natural penis enlargement, stamina, foods and supplements to try for stronger ejaculations, and influencing semen volume, colour, taste and odour. You might find it interesting to read what women think about these factors, and how they react to oral and anal sex. Read how to overcome premature ejaculation – and how to involve your partner in achieving it.

The book also covers problem areas; like erectile dysfunction and cystitis in both men and women, and some on STDs. A variety of positions are illustrated, with narrative describing best ways of mutual satisfaction and achieving the best orgasms, including G-spot and A-spot, and female ejaculation. A good section on masturbation covers the needs of both men and women – and best ways to satisfy each other.

Many get the paperback edition so they can read sections together – a terrific way of managing communication, and being able to point out just what excites you most.

Not only is this book written to be the most comprehensive sex manual for reference, it is probably the only book published with the invitation to contact the author direct, if you wish, for help on any of the subject matter covered in the book.

Happy love-making.

Clive Peters

Big Penis Pictures   18 comments

Analytics show thousands of you going to my page hoping to see photographic evidence of larger penises. I’d like to explain why you’ll be disappointed. Sometimes happy and grateful readers of my book send me ‘before and after’ photos but Flickr’s policy (to date) doesn’t allow such pics to be displayed – and they’re removed.

If you’d like to view hundreds of pics of big penises – so that you can be convinced bigger penises do exist – go to

, but be warned, among them are many that are pornographic in content.

If you have read, or are reading my book, and taken your PE seriously, you may well have a penis too big for normal size condoms. It’s wise to stay safe and continue to use them but you’ll need that extra size to avoid discomfort and splitting.

It’s not my usual practice but here’s my recommendation:  MY.SIZE 69 are produced for the larger man, and they measure 8.8 inches in length and 2.7 inches in circumference. Naturally, smaller sizes are available as well. Enjoy your safe sex.

Clive Peters