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Mothers and Sex   Leave a comment

Mum really DOES know best!

Dr Laura Widman, of the Teen Health Lab at North Carolina State University analysed research of 25,000 teenagers over 30 years, about discussing with parents contraception and risky sexual conduct.

It is ‘the chat’ dads, and teenagers, dread most. But the research suggests that those who did talk it over with a parent made them more likely to practise safe sex – and it’s better still if done by Mum.

Under 25s make up more than six in ten chlamydia cases in the UK, more than 140,000 annually.

Particularly among mothers and girls, ‘communication with parents’ has a protective effect on adolescent contraceptive and condom use. The results are published in JAMA Pediatrics.

There is another way – and you know what I mean – my book even has a chapter devoted to ‘Communication’, to help Mum or Dad, as well another on ‘Conception and Contraception’. So you’ll know all about it – Mums too!

Happy love-making.

Clive Peters, author.


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My website has a spam filter that stops any comments reaching me if they are coming via a commercial site.

I am aware that many carry a serious message, but if you want your message to be seen you will have to simply send your comments from your personal address and not show a website address.

That way we can all read what everybody is thinking, and freely exchange views and opinions.

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Sexual Peak   Leave a comment

Women reach their sexual peak between 45 and 60, suggests a study from the University of Pittsburgh. Though they may have lower sex drives than when they were younger, they know themselves better sexually and are better at communicating with their partner in the bedroom, the researchers said.

And they will probably have read the chapter, ‘The importance of Communication’, in my book, ‘Exploring Sex, Love and Lust’. You could, too.

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Men in a new relationship produce more semen and healthier sperm, compared with men seeing a woman long-term. This was suggested in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science; the thinking behind this statement is that it is a tactic by the male body to ensure their sperm competes with other sperm to fertilise an egg.

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Erotic Photos   Leave a comment

My present to you, this festive season, is a link to some of the best modern erotic photos on the web. Beautiful women, beautiful poses and, yes, the occasional vulva, but mostly pictures of the female body form, with hardly a penis to see. Different!

Go here:

For me, the eyes have it – especially those that convey a challenge, desirability, confidence, and especially those with different colored irises!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a loving and fulfilling relationships in the New Year.


Premature Ejaculation   Leave a comment

This spoils the main event – can be very depressing – and affects 25% of men in the UK.

New research by a medical team in Istanbul, and published in the journal Andrologia, revealed that all those men who climaxed too quickly had one thing in common: they all had significantly lower levels of vitamin B12 than those guys who could last longer.

Scientists stressed more research is needed but one theory is that B12 bolsters levels of neurotransmitters thought to play a key role in controlling ejaculation.

How can you boost your levels? Off-the-shelf yeast extract called ‘Marmite’ is one of the richest sources of this vitamin. A daily dollop is worth a try – keep it up – if you’ll pardon the expression. Love it or hate it, spread on toast will give you a good start to the day. Every day to maintain that essential level.

If you want to learn more about the chemistry of love and sex, treat yourself to a copy of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust. You, and your lover, will not regret it.

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Some Like it Huge   Leave a comment

There’s no doubt that some do like it huge. And I’m talking about all aspects of the human body, whether it be breasts, bums, eyes, hair, or with men it is their penis.

Looking around the net I’ have found yet another website devoted to the latter. Here’s a link:

It seems most visitors to this site are men – men, after all, do like the visuals – and many are gay or bi-sexual.  Perhaps some are heterosexual.  But what intrigues me is the growing number of females visiting sites like this.

Are you one? If so, please let me know, and tell me what you hope to see – and why. All correspondence is held in strict confidentiality.

You can write to me at

Happy love-making.