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Ainslie is a big guy, and has feet to match. While treading grapes with a lady who saw he had big feet, she asked him: “What size shoes do you wear?”
He answered: “Thirteen”.
She couldn’t contain her curiosity, “Is it true what they say about men with big feet?”
“Yes”, he replied, “Big feet, big socks.”

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Folk still don’t, or won’t, talk about it. But size is important, especially to those who feel short-changed in the trouser department. And those girls kind enough to not wish make you feel humiliated won’t say anything either.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It’s a fact that having a larger than average manhood makes a man feel more confident. And it’s a fact that even nice girls prefer a larger member.

Why have I chosen this moment to state the obvious? It’s because I was sent an email with a recorded sales message offering video tuition to this end, at a cost of $49.00.

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If you have bought my book ‘How to Maximize Your Manhood – What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know’, or are thinking about it, or wondering if it might be all ‘smoke and mirrors’, this message is for you.

Having helped many thousands of men over the years who felt short-changed in the trouser department, and received many complimentary reviews and comments, I want you to know that it is very rare to find a man who didn’t benefit from using the exercises in my book. Many have also approached me directly when feeling it wasn’t working for them – and I can, and do, help. Far better to seek help than to simply post a negative review without finding out how or why it failed you.

As far as I can find out, I am still one of those rare authors who actually makes himself available to his readers. For a personal confidential and fully private conversation designed to help you through the recommended routines, don’t just sit there wondering! Get in touch with me – at absolutely no cost (apart from the very modest cost of buying the book). Email and I’ll talk you through to gaining that all-important confidence of knowing that your manhood will always impress!

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Having sex frequently may help improve brain function as we age. Researchers at Coventry University found over-50s who had the most sex also scored highest in brain tests.
We reckon that the hormones dopamine and oxytocin released during sex improve connectivity between different parts of the brain.
Maybe there’s some truth when your friends say you keep your brains in your trousers!
Happy love-making.

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Be confident – and Happy Love-Making


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Here’s some good news for you guys out there who fear their girlfriends will let them down when discussing penis size with their friends!The University of California set a test for women by giving them a model of male genitalia – made on a 3D printer – and asked them to estimate the size.

The result: women tend to overestimate the size of a man’s penis.

Does this news surprise you?

Is your Penis long enough?   15 comments

Penis thickness is generally accepted as more important to a woman than penis length, but is yours long enough to reach parts of her vagina that are most sensitive?

A vagina, when not sexually aroused, is only about 4 inches deep. This varies from woman to woman – some shorter, some a good bit longer. Let’s say your penis is 6 inches erect length; by the time you’ve allowed for the space created between your two bodies – thighs and pubic mounds – you will probably only have 4 inches of penis actually inside her vagina.  That’s ok, because she will move around until she gets best position for the tip of your penis to rub against the most sensitive spot it can reach. (Thrusting with just 4 inches inside her isn’t going to achieve much – probably just make her sore after a while – stick with the grinding motion – pubis against her clitoris).

But when (if) she gets properly aroused, her vagina will lengthen and change shape. You should reach her G spot with the head of your penis easily enough. But it’s unlikely that you’ll  be reaching beyond her cervix where another highly sensitive spot is located, and so you, and she, will be relying on contact with her clitoris in order to orgasm.

This is what happens to most women. Don’t get me wrong; clitoral orgasm is the norm, and the expected norm, for most couples. But vaginal orgasm is so much stronger, once she has experienced it she will always hope to climax that way again and again.

This kind of successful penetration, beyond the cervix, can only be achieved with a longer than average penis. And that’s where I can help you.

While you’re working at gaining that length, you might like to try a vibrating toy that is two-pronged; a short dildo element designed to tickle the G-Spot just a couple of inches or so situated on the front wall of the vagina while its other butter-fly type of soft exterior stimulates her clitoris.  But do talk about it together first – don’t surprise her with something she might hate!